Same Day Crowns

CEREC - the revolutionary technology

With cutting edge technology crown treatment can now be done in as little as 90 minutes. Cerec crowns have made the long, cumbersome process of being fitted for a crown a thing of the past. How this is possible? In the past we have always expected a crown to take weeks and multiple visits. Advances in technology have turned crowns into a same day treatment

The Standard Procedure for a Crown

The usual procedure may be one you’re familiar with. You make the first appointment. The dentist takes x-rays, makes a diagnosis and often re-books to perform the crown preparation procedure. On the crown preparation appointment there’s a mould taken, the tooth is prepared and the temporary crown is put on which is worn for weeks until the crown is completed. Finally at the second or third appointment your crown is fitted.

The Cerec Crown Procedure

Visit the dentist and in only 1 visit and in as little as 90 minutes you’re finished.

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What is the Cerec process?

After our dentist has performed an oral examination and viewed the x-ray results, your tooth will be prepared for the Cerec treatment. A sophisticated camera is used to take an impression of your tooth. The Cerec machine then constructs a 3D virtual model of your tooth based on the image presented. Your dentist will then design the tooth via the cutting-edge Cerec technology. A high grade, tooth-coloured porcelain crown that is free of metal is then created to complete your crown. Our dentist will place your new crown on your tooth immediately and you will have the most natural looking tooth, resulting in a brand new smile.

How does Cerec technology work?

CEREC is an advanced computerised system that enables our trained dental team to create highly detailed tooth-coloured restorations in a single appointment. Our on-site milling machine will fabricate your restoration while you sit back and relax. This customised restoration piece is then fitted, polished and bonded to your existing tooth, thus supporting and strengthening your tooth structure. This is dental technology at its best.

Benefits of CEREC

  • Same-day treatment

  • Smiling again and in as little as 90 minutes Longer
    lasting fillings

  • Longer lasting fillings

  • Natural looking teeth

  • Convenient

  • Only 1 appointment required No discomfort

  • Metal free

  • Plaque resistant

What is CEREC actually?

What is CEREC actually?

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Perfect Smile


Perfect Smile


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Perfect Smile


Perfect Smile


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