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Advice for nervous patients visiting their general dentist in Glenside

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Going to the dentist may not sound too difficult as it’s part of most of our routines in daily life. But, for some people that trip to the practice for a check-up or treatment can be a moment of extremely high anxiety and worry.

To help with that, our team has come up with a few things patients can do to keep those pesky nerves at bay.

Chat with our team

First up in our list of calming techniques is a pretty simple one, just give us a call for a chat. Taking some time to speak to our team will allow you to voice your concerns about your anxiety and allow us to work with you to find a way to make that visit a little less stressful.

For example, we can help establish a signal to let us know if you are needing a break during your treatment. This could be a noise or something as simple as raising your hand if speaking to people is something you’re not overly confident about. At Glenside Dental Clinic, our friendly staff will provide a warm and welcoming environment whenever you stop by to make sure that every trip is a positive experience.

Bring in a familiar face

Being in a room with strangers, even if you already know our team, can be a little daunting for some people. So when you’re going to see your general dentist in Glenside why not bring in a partner or family member to make things a little easier. Having that familiar face and voice to focus on while you’re in an unfamiliar setting can help quite a bit as it gives you something to keep your mind on as you sit in the chair.

Distract yourself with music

Another great way to stop your nerves running rampant is to listen to some of your favourite tracks. Having that catchy tempo to hear instead of the noises of dental equipment can be a very effective method of distracting those rampant thoughts of anxiety.

Bring something soft

It may sound a little odd, but bringing in a fluffy toy from home can be quite an effective way of keeping yourself calm. That’s because humans are a very tactile and physical species and having that fluffy cloth or fuzzy toy between your fingers can be a great focus point.

Practice meditation techniques

Last but not least, if you are still a bit of a nervous wreck then it might benefit you to learn and practice some meditation techniques that you can use before and during your visit to keep yourself calm. One particularly effective method is to slowly inhale through your nose and then back out through your mouth. Performing this for a few minutes will flood your system with oxygen and allow your body to break down the adrenaline that’s coursing around making you feel anxious and worried.

These are just a few things you can try while you’re going through one of our numerous treatments at the practice.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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