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Beginning or restarting your dental care journey

Attending your first appointment and what to expect.

From the moment you book an appointment, our dental team, from receptionist through to our General Dentist Glenside, will work hard to make you feel at ease and ensure everyone is working with the same goals in mind. In order to accomplish your goals, it is important to understand any previous dental work carried out along with any previous dental issues which may have presented themselves will need to be explored. With this in mind, all new patients are asked to attend their first appointment 10 minutes early so as to complete a previous history form. This enables our dental team to view your history and discuss anything in detail during your appointment removing the need for unnecessary time wasting questions. This particular process ensures that we are able to focus on the present dental care and the future plans without mulling too long over previous successes or failures of care.

Whilst discussing any concerns or ideas that you may have in terms of your dental care, a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth and gums will take place. The examination varies from patient to patient but generally includes a physical examination along with digital x-rays to see the full extent of the mouth and jaw. This in depth process from the outset ensures that your dental care is set up for success from the start with seeing our dental team at Glenside Dental.

Creating a personal touch to calm the nerves.

For some patients, the notion of visiting the General Dentist Glenside or any dental practice can be one that fills them with fear and anxiety. Whilst the severity of this nervousness can range from mild to severe, the important thing is to ensure that our team is aware of your feelings and concerns. By informing our dental practice from the outset, you are setting your dental care up for success.

Using positive and advanced approaches to dentistry, our General Dentist Glenside works to the best of their ability to provide a calming environment for each patient. Whilst some elements may be beyond our control, each member of the dental team will strive to assist in the best way possible, whether it be a certain appointment time, music playing whether specific or just in general or attending a general visit to the practice before your appointment. No matter what may help, discuss your fears with our dental team to help you attend your appointments on a regular basis. Our team is here to work with you rather than against.

Funding your dental care.

When funds are low or the cash is not easily accessible, it can often be easy to cut costs and in some cases it can be the dental check-ups that get pushed aside. For this reason it is important to look at what payment options are available for both specific treatments or procedures and the general day-to-day appointments. Understanding what help is available is important so as to keep on top of your overall oral health, so if you have financial difficulties, please talk to us about them and we will see how we can help.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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