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Can a general dentist tell if I smoke? 5 things your teeth reveal about you at your check-up

Updated: Jul 19

It’s the morning of your biannual check-up. You brush your teeth vigorously, floss and gargle that mouthwash that you have hardly used.

This practice of thorough cleaning before a dental check is routine and while you may think it can fool your dental practitioner, it can’t! The average dental team can spot a myriad of things related to your dental health, so that one thorough scrub mixed with a bit of flossing won’t fool us! Not to worry you, but a trained eye can spot when you have been a bit lax with your oral hygiene, so it's best to be honest with us and explain why there may be some additional bits of plaque at your visit.

At Glenside Dental Clinic, our general dentist in Glenside can tell you more about your overall health and lifestyle habits from a single glance at your teeth than you might think. Trained in spotting everything from early signs of gum disease to the warning signs of a cavity, our team will endeavour to keep your mouth healthy, allowing you all the benefits that come with a striking smile.

So, what are some of the lifestyle habits that our general dentist in Glenside can spot at your check-up?


All the whitening toothpaste in the world won’t be able to conceal the tell-tale signs of smoking.

Even if your teeth look white, our general dentist in Glenside will be able to identify the gum recession, minor discolouration and odour that accompanies smoking.

Remember, smoking not only discolours your teeth, but it puts you at a higher risk of cancer and can prevent you from having cosmetic dental procedures. If you want to kick the habit, talk to our team today about smoking cessation.

Sugar intake

Like smoking, excess sugar intake can cause your teeth to look yellow and will inevitably increase the amount of plaque in your mouth.

Our team can help you to beat the sugar habit by offering you lifestyle advice and sugar neutralising toothpaste, while also removing excess plaque from your teeth and gums.


There are subtle signs from which we can deduce that you haven’t been brushing twice a day; one of which is the presence of plaque in more concealed areas between the teeth.

If you are struggling with cleaning your teeth properly, our team can offer you tips to help you get every nook and cranny of your mouth cleaned correctly.


It is striking how many illnesses can be detected in a dental check-up. Our team can spot signs of osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and even auto-immune conditions. If we detect any of these, we will advise you to follow up with your medical provider urgently.


A common occurrence in modern-day life, many people suffer from stress and depression. This may manifest on your teeth with grinding and bruxism, which causes you to clench your jaws and gradually erodes your enamel. If you are suffering from stress, it is advisable to contact your medical provider for help.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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