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CEREC crowns with our general dentist Glenside

There are many reasons why you may need a crown to restore your tooth. Firstly, if you have been affected by extensive tooth decay and you have multiple or large fillings then your tooth may be at risk of fracture and a crown may be necessary. An accident or an injury to your teeth may require a crown or you may need a crown for cosmetic purposes to enhance the appearance of your smile. Crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth or to replace a tooth following a tooth extraction.


Thanks to significant advances in dentistry we are proud to be able to offer you CEREC technology for crown restorations. CEREC technology uses computer aided systems to design and create crown restorations in one visit. Previously crowns took time to be prepared. After taking an impression of your tooth you would be given a temporary crown whilst your permanent crown was created at the laboratory. A temporary crown may be useful for fulfilling its purpose or sometimes it can cause sensitivity. Once the crown comes back from the lab it would then be fitted onto your tooth.

With the CEREC technology here at Glenside Dental Clinic our general dentist Glenside can do this in one visit. Our general dentist Glenside controls the design, manufacture and development of your crown. If there are any issues then this can be adjusted immediately and you can have your crown fitted on the same day. We are pleased to offer CEREC crowns because firstly we respect that in this modern generation it is difficult to make time for multiple visits to the dentist. Most people do not enjoy visiting the dentist in general therefore they do not want to have to make multiple visits. With CEREC crowns we can restore your teeth on the same day.

How do CEREC crowns work?

Another significant advantage of a CEREC crown is that it allows us to prepare the tooth more conservatively and save more of the original structure. With CEREC crowns our general dentist Glenside can give you a stronger, longer lasting restoration and help prevent complications later down the line. With CEREC technology, crowns can last approximately 10 to 15 years so they have quickly become a popular form of tooth restoration. Firstly you will undergo an intra-oral scan to put together a three-dimensional virtual model of your mouth, including the tooth to be restored. Whilst you relax we will use this model to design the crown and it will be prepared accordingly for you. Our on-site milling machine will create a high-grade tooth-colored porcelain crown for you. These are excellent quality, natural looking and highly durable. Once prepared we will trial the crown and if you and our general dentist glenside are both happy then the crown can be cemented in place. The process is then complete. We will help you restore the appearance of your smile, the function of your mouth and improve your dental health. Speak to us at Glenside Dental Clinic today and find out more about restorative dental treatment and other ways in which we can help improve your dental health and wellbeing.


All treatments carry risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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