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Commitment, passion and dedication at our general dentist

Why would you not take care of your teeth? Your mouth is the gateway to your body; it's how you feed your body to enable you to live. As a general dentist Glenside, our team at Glenside Dental are committed to ensuring that you enjoy a healthy mouth and a smile you’ve always wanted. We pride ourselves on the services that we provide to our patients and the standards that we maintain.

Personal service from arrival to departure

Our general dentist Glenside knows and understands that no two patients are the same and that catering to your unique needs is what modern dentistry is all about. Of course, there are similar conditions that are brought to us by different patients, but how individual patients deal with those conditions can vary dramatically.

Some patients are relaxed and calm, and at the other end of the spectrum, some are anxious and nervous. All our staff, from reception to dentist, are trained to be empathetic and sympathetic to your needs. From the moment you arrive, you will notice that even our decor has been designed to exude a calming effect. We want your experience to be as relaxing as possible, and the advances in dental technology have provided us with the equipment and techniques to achieve this ambition.

Our staff regularly attend refresher courses and seminars to ensure that we stay updated on equipment and techniques so that we can offer you the most relevant treatments available. Our staff also spend a lot of time talking to our patients so that we can understand what you expect from us as your dental professional.


We believe that preventive dentistry is the way forward, and to promote this we spend a lot of time educating our patients on the correct dental care regime. The correct toothbrush and method of flossing are details that are sometimes missed or overlooked by patients.

Our general dentist Glenside also actively encourages parents to bring their children in at a young age; as early as one year is our recommendation. Bringing your child in with you when you attend your appointment will allow them to experience the sights, sounds and smells of our surgery. So, when their first appointment comes round, they will see it as nothing more than a routine event.

We also get an early opportunity to identify any problem that may be manifesting currently or shows signs of manifesting later. Our education program extends to teaching children the correct brushing and flossing methods. All of these can help your child grow up with a healthy mouth, meaning that they would require less dental work as an adult.

Your radiant smile

We want your radiant smile to reflect your healthy mouth and body and our main aim will always be to ensure that your teeth, gums and jaw perform the function that they were designed to perform.

Our cosmetic treatments work towards giving you a radiant smile to be proud of while at the same time ensuring that you are enjoying dental health.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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