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Do I really need to see a general dentist in Glenside?

Have you visited your dentist recently? If your answer to the question is no, and you are based in Glenside, it may be beneficial for you to visit a general dentist in Glenside.

It is important to visit a dentist regularly for a general check-up and update on the health of your teeth. Leaving your teeth for too long without seeing a dentist in Glenside can result in potential issues being left untreated, which in turn can lead to even bigger problems for your teeth and mouth if not dealt with quickly.

At our practice Glenside Dental Clinic, we are firm believers in routine dental appointments and encourage all of our patients to book regular check-ups in order to maintain good oral health.

Find out more about us; Glenside Dental Clinic

Our practice, Glenside Dental Clinic, uses the latest modern technology and the skills of our highly trained dentists to provide a caring and quality dental service to all our patients. We are passionate about providing not only a friendly service, but ensuring that our practice also maintains a calming atmosphere throughout our patients' experiences with us.

Our team of dental professionals is made up of principal dentists Dr Linda Russo and Dr Arun Rajegowda and dentist hygienist Laura Grasso. Dr Linda Russo has been with the practice since 2004 and has gained over 30 years of invaluable dental knowledge and experience since starting her career in dentistry in 1988.

A closer look at preventive dentistry

At Glenside Dental Clinic, along with general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we also provide preventive dentistry treatments for our patients who require it. As mentioned earlier, we strongly encourage our patients to visit us for routine dental appointments. Typically, these appointments can be every six months if your oral health is good and you have no pressing dental issues. For some of our patients however, we would advise them to come into our practice more frequently, but it's all dependent on the health of your teeth and gums.

If you have been a patient with us at Glenside Dental Clinic we will invite you in to what we call ‘routine recall’. The benefits of having regular routine recall appointments is that one of our dentists will be able to identify early on whether you are developing any dental problems and it also helps our patients to maintain good oral health.

Children’s dentistry

Our preventive dentistry treatments are not only aimed at our adult patients, but our child patients too. At Glenside Dental Clinic, our team provides preventive treatments including fluoride applications and tooth coloured fissure sealants.

Fluoride applications are particularly beneficial for our child patients, as fluoride acts as a guard for a child’s growing teeth and prevents their teeth from decay and cavities. This is because fluoride is a natural mineral.

Fissure sealants are also considered a beneficial and proven preventive treatment for children as they also aim to protect a child patient’s teeth. With fissure sealants, they are only applied once a child’s permanent teeth start to come through, particularly at the back of the mouth.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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