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Signs you need a same-day appointment with our dentist

It is an unfortunate reality that at some point, most people will experience a dental emergency. And when that happens, it can seem intimidating to call a dental surgery to seek out a same day appointment. However, dental emergencies are exceedingly common and dental teams can set aside certain appointments each day to mitigate patients who are having emergency dental problems.

At Glenside Dental, our general dentist Glenside is always happy to see patients who are suffering from a dental emergency. Even though you are not likely to feel the same way! We will always aim to resolve any swelling or discomfort as soon as you come into our practice and will also aim to resolve any underlying issues as promptly as possible. So you can get back to your day free from discomfort.

So, what are some of the key signs that you need to see our general dentist Glenside for a same day appointment? Read on to find out!


Swelling to the face, neck or under the jaw is never a good sign. And it will need to be seen urgently by our general dentist Glenside. Swelling can point to several things. Including an impacted tooth or a dental abscess. Either way, even if you aren’t in discomfort, the swelling will need to be assessed.


It is a universal indicator of a dental emergency; unrelenting discomfort.

When you notice a sensation that feels like a bruise, burning or throbbing that is distracting you, you need to see our team as soon as possible. As you may have an underlying dental abscess.

Cracks and chips

Teeth are smooth for a reason. It is not only to look pretty. But also to ensure that there are as few surfaces as possible for bacteria to adhere to and begin creating cavities.

If you have a crack or chip in one of your teeth, this can act as a magnet for bacteria. In simple terms, the surface is no longer smooth. So, if your teeth feel rough or there is damage to the enamel, call our team.

Lost filling or crown

Lost fillings and crowns can be very uncomfortable. This springing most people into action relating to getting them seen!

But for others, a lost filling or crown may not hurt at all. And so it is easy to put it out of your mind. However, you will always need to have a lost restorative replaced as soon as possible. This will prevent the further spread of decay. As well as keeping the now exposed parts of the tooth free from bacteria which can lead to an abscess.


If you play sports, having a bleed from your mouth may not seem like a big deal. But if after 20 minutes of applying gauze to the bleed site it does not stop, you will need to see our team. We will be able to assess the trauma that has led to the excessive bleed. And will be able to stitch the wound closed. Preventing further blood loss and helping you to feel more comfortable.

If you suspect you have a dental emergency, call our team today!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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