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What to expect from a visit to our General Dentist In Glenside

At our dental clinic within Glenside we provide an excellent standard of dental care, ensuring all of our patients, whether they are pre-registered or brand new, have a positive dental experience with us. Our fantastic dental team takes pride in delivering a high standard of general, preventive, restorative, and even emergency dental care for all of our patients. Despite our caring dental approach, many of our new patients may unfortunately feel nervous, and even be anxious when in a dental environment which is why we aim to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

What treatments will I receive during a bi- annual check-up?

The dental healthcare professionals at our General Dentist In Glenside suggest that our patients visit our clinic twice annually, however certain patients may require more frequent dental visits. During a dental check-up at our General Dentist In Glenside, many of our patients (whether they are nervous or not) may prefer to know what to expect, which we always accommodate.

An overall assessment….

Many patients may expect to receive an overall oral examination by our dentists, checking for abrasions of the gums, cheek sores, as well as cavities within the teeth. Aside from an overall assessment however, our dentists may also ask you to fill in a ‘medical form’, this ensures we can decipher the most suitable dental medications for you. In addition to medical inquiries, we will also take several oral x-rays, as well as asking about any lifestyle factors which may affect the health of your mouth.

Bad habits

Many of our patients may be aware that the consumption of highly sugary food and drink can cause decay of the teeth, however; they may be surprised to know that certain lifestyle factors such as smoking and frequently consuming alcohol can cause yellowing.

Feeling anxious?.. Don’t worry!

Many of our patients may feel nervous when receiving treatment at our clinic, however; we aim to change this. Our dental clinic ensures our patients receive tailor made dental plans, using modern dental technologies during treatment. If you are a patient who is feeling anxious about receiving treatment, please let us know prior to your treatment so we can help you feel more comfortable.

Finding a time that suits you

We understand that many of our patients may have busy lives, and therefore may not place their oral health at the top of their priority list, this is why we extend our opening hours to accommodate even our most busy patients.

How do I pay for my dental treatment?

Within modern society there are now many more ways to pay for your chosen dental treatment, such as varying credit card providers as well as financial payment plans.

How do they work?

Our dental clinic within Glenside embraces modern payment plans, using the trusted ZipPay provider to ensure our patients can spread the cost of their chosen dental treatment. Patients who wish to avoid a hefty upfront cost may find this payment option suits them.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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