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When you need a general dentist in Glenside

While we encourage patients to practise good oral care and to look after their teeth and gums, there are times when people need a general dentist in Glenside with a fair amount of urgency, because they are in pain and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Whether you need a root canal, tooth extraction or something else has happened and there is a dental emergency, we at Glenside Dental Clinic are here to assist you with whatever you need in order to return to a pain-free existence.

General treatments

As a general dentist in Glenside, we perform many different complex procedures like implants, orthodontics, veneers and the like, however, our day to day run of the mill general procedures are what we are most practised in and we are committed to ensuring that we satisfy our patients with healthy happy smiles, no matter what condition they come through our doors in.

Root Canal - this treatment is required when the tooth has decayed to such a point that an infection has developed in the pulp of the tooth - the pulp is the live part inside the tooth that is covered by the hard enamel you see on the outside.

Don’t cringe though, you won’t feel a thing; before anything is done, one of our experienced dentists will first numb the side of the mouth that they intend to work on, only once the local anaesthetic has taken effect and the entire area is numb, will they begin work. Using a drill the dentist will expose the pulp and clean out all of the infection, then the tooth is filled and sealed with a temporary crown, once it has had time to heal you will come back to your dentist and we will check that everything is healed and that the infection is completely gone, then a more permanent crown will be fitted over the tooth to match the rest of your teeth.

It is important to go to your dentist as soon as you feel any kind of pain, it is likely that we will just have to fill a cavity but if you ignore the pain and any infarction behind then you will need root canal treatment and if you leave that for too long then it is likely we may need to take that tooth out.

Tooth extraction - this is needed in the cases of advanced gum disease or as mentioned above advanced tooth decay, there are also cases where the wisdom teeth have grown and will need to be surgically removed. Whatever the reason that you need a tooth pulled out, don’t panic, as with the root canal, we will ensure that you do not feel anything while we are working to remove your tooth. Different options for replacing the extracted tooth may be discussed with your dentist at your extraction appointment.

Emergency dentistry - even if you take excellent care of your teeth, accidents do happen and if a tooth is damaged and there is extreme pain, severe bleeding, or sharp edges that endanger the soft tissue in the mouth, then you need to see a general dentist in Glenside immediately, so that we can take care of your injuries as quickly as possible to avoid further risk to your health.

Disclaimer: All treatments carry risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion to ensure that this treatment is right for you.


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