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Heard that root canals kill your teeth? Myths debunked by our dentist at Glenside Dental

If you have recently had a dental infection, chances are that to resolve it, our team will suggest a root canal.

While unpopular, root canals have actually been in use in dentistry for over 100 years in that time, they have saved thousands of teeth and kept many smiles aesthetically pleasing. So, why are they unpopular? Our team at Glenside Dental thinks that the unpopularity of this procedure is due to the myths which circulate it, and so, we are here to tell you the truth about root canals.

At Glenside Dental, our general dentist in Glenside has helped many patients who have had dental infections recover from them by using root canals therapy, and has extensive knowledge about this procedure. We will aim to answer any questions you may have about root canals in jargon-free language, helping you to make the best choices possible about your dental care. Great!

So, what are some of the most persistent myths about root canals that our dentist in Glenside has heard?

Root canals hurt

Fact- In actuality, when our dentist in Glenside performs a root canal, you are likely to notice a decrease in discomfort.

Remember, we will always use anesthetic when fitting a root canal and as the procedure seeks to remove the source of the infection, any associated swelling and discomfort will be alleviated quickly once the procedure is over.

Root canals mean root removal

Fact- It is common for many patients to think that a root canal equates to root removal, but it doesn’t, otherwise the tooth it is performed on would fall out!

A root canal is the process of drilling down to the root(s) of the infected tooth and removing the infected debris. This is done via a long drill site (a canal) which allows our team to get to the roots with ease.

Root canals kill the tooth

Fact- Once again, this is a common belief amongst our patients but no, a root canal does not equate to a dead tooth.

But if your root canal was performed successfully, you will be able to use the previously infected tooth to the same level that you did before it was infected. Your teeth will not turn black and you will be able to feel your tooth when you are using it to bite into and chew food.

Pregnant women can’t have root canals

Fact- This is partially true; due to the X-Rays involved in a root canal, our team will always aim to perform any root canals needed during the second trimester of pregnancy.

If you need a root canal in the first stage, we will aim to use a different method of examining the issue with the tooth and performing the procedure. Or, if you prefer, we will extract it.

Root canals create illness

Fact- Root canals alleviate illness by removing the source of infection, which will reduce flu like symptoms and fevers. We genuinely don't know where this mistruth arose from!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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