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Could a reliable dentist in Glenside be the answer to your dental worries?

Care for those who need it

Nowadays, with the impact of Covid-19 rippling through everything we do, it is highly likely that a number of people out there have been putting off undergoing cosmetic dental procedures as they focus on preserving their health and wellbeing as well as that of those around them. However, having teeth which are discoloured, chipped, missing entirely or uneven can be the root of a great deal of embarrassment and anxiety. As such, many people out there often find themselves frequently refraining from smiling - rather than seeking out the proper care they need from a trusted dentist in Glenside. This, as you could probably imagine, can have a seriously negative impact on how people feel. The solution however may be to speak to a trusted dental practice about cosmetic dentistry and see what they can do to help you help yourself.

What can a dentist in Glenside do for me?

As mentioned, many people who are embarrassed about how one or more aspects of their smile look do not take the necessary steps towards a brighter dental future. By seeking cosmetic dentistry solutions from a dentist in Glenside it is now possible to treat all manner of cosmetic issues or concerns patients have from stained or discoloured teeth to teeth which are entirely missing or chipped.

Cosmetic whitening is one of the most widely recognised and sought after forms of cosmetic dentistry. This is largely due to the procedure's ability to create lasting, visible change to the brightness of a patient's enamel within a short timescale. Cosmetic whitening aims to reverse the impact of visible stains and marks on a patient's teeth, and rid patients of any yellowing on their enamel. There are many reasons which may make the enamel of a patient's teeth discoloured - including smoking and taking certain prescription medications. However, it is now possible to visibly brighten their teeth both from their own homes or within their dental practice. As such, anyone who is embarrassed about the age of their teeth can have them visibly enhanced and brightened in such a way that it will massively boost their self-esteem and outward confidence.

Invisible braces

Another massively popular form of cosmetic dentistry which can have a transformative effect on both how it makes patient's look as well as how they feel, is invisible braces. Whilst just a decade prior the options which patients had when it came to ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ were severely limited, today it is now possible to comfortably and quickly correct misaligned teeth in such a way that there is almost no noticeable impact on how patients look.

Invisible braces, such as the Invisalign retainer system do not operate in a similar way to conventional, fused metallic braces. Rather, the treatment is made up entirely of a single orthodontic retainer which has been made to perfectly fit over each patient's teeth. This retainer is made using a specially selected, wafer-thin and malleable dental plastic. When the patient wears his or her custom-built retainer over their teeth, it uses pressure points which are built within its structure to apply force to the specific teeth which are crooked or out of place. As the removable Invisalign retainer is made of thin and transparent plastic, it leaves almost no impact on how patients look and allows those who are looking to discreetly amend crooked teeth the possibility to do exactly that - through a trusted and comfortable process.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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